Salon Review: Hair Flair by Georgina

So, I have an interview on Tuesday and wanted my hair to be a bit more presentable than the style I’ve been wearing as of late. I made a trip to Hair Flair by Georgina, my former go-to Dominican salon.  I stopped visiting this salon because I was attacked by a scissor-happy stylist back in 2010 but I figured a wash and set couldn’t be too challenging.

I arrived around 2:00 and was helped immediately. I brought my SM Moisture ‘poo, and a DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner+AVG+EVCO+EVOO+AO and HE Hello Hydration. The woman who shampoo’d and roller set me was gentle and didn’t comb through my NG with reckless abandon like some “stylists” do. 

I sat under the dryer with my DC for about 15 mins and then was roller set using my Chi Silk Infusion (as my heat protectant) and water. She used grey, black, and large red rollers to set me and I sat under the dryer for about an hour or so. Surprisingly, the dryer wasn’t set to Hades so that was definitely a plus.

My hair was shiny, bouncy and soft after coming out of the rollers but then came the most dreaded part of the experience: the blow out. As I stated in my Dominican salon survival post, I don’t get my entire length blown out, just the roots. Those blow dryers are ridiculous and today was no exception. I used Chi again and she applied some heat protectant of her own (two points for that because that NEVER happened before) and commenced to blow drying. Ouch. That experience is never pleasant and it’s even worse with 21 weeks of NG but I survived. 

I lost a lot of the body and bounce but my roots were crazy straight! I was tempted to have her hot curl my ends but then I snapped back to reality; if necessary, I can use my Caruso rollers. I had her wrap my hair and when I headed home, took it down to see how it looks. Here are my results:

I’m APL again! I’m so hype!! I’m happy with my results and, for $35 (not including tip), it was a pretty great experience. I was going to use a heat pass for Thanksgiving but since I used one today, no more heat until relaxer day. 

Overall, I’d give Hair Flair  ★ ★ ★ 3/5 = OK

~Ms. Tai Nycole

  • Kerissa

    Growing up I always went to Hair Flair by G. We had a particular stylist, I forget her name now though. But she went to work on my hair. It was always long shiny and bouncy when she did it. Always blow out the roots only. If I still lived in the hood I’d be going there still.

  • Very Pretty,thick and Shiny:-)

  • @Keri: Until Linda hacked me, that was my spot. LaLa, is super gentle so I’m thinking of going back there to let her do my touch up. We shall see.
    @SpecialK: Thank you!