Weigh-In Wednesday: Walkin’ in a Weight Loss ONEderland

Workouts: 6/6
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 10 of Round 4
Eating Habits: Kept on track 4/7 Days
This Week’s Weight Change: -1.2lbs
Overall Weight Change: -16.8lbs
Days Until Cruise: 80

Guess who just moseyed on into Onederland, y’all?! That’s right. The Healthy herself! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been on the wrong side of 200 and I have to say, it looks mighty fine.

I’ve been sticking with my Turbo Fire workouts and pushing as hard as possible. I don’t look as good as Chalene and her crew but I get by. I’ve started getting off the bus a little further from my stop to get a few extra steps in. Everything feels like it’s coming together fitness wise.

On the nutritional front, I’ve stopped eating at least 3 hours before bed but I’m still having food issues. Many times, I wait too long to eat and end up ravenous. Then my inner hater pipes up with the makings of a bad decision. Case in point: I fixed a plate for tonight after dinner yesterday. I hadn’t eaten since 11am (despite the fruit I had at my disposal) and was ridiculously hungry! Don’t you know my IH was on some, “You’ve been doing so well. Why don’t you order Pizza Hut for dinner?” Pizza Hut?! Really?! Not after the awesome day I had!

I can shut the hater down if I create (and stick to!) an eating schedule. If I have a light meal or snack every 3-4 hours, I’ll be right on target to meet my caloric goals. I intend to go so far as to set an alarm on my phone just so I don’t skip meals.

What fitness milestone are you about to achieve? Do you have a fixed eating schedule or do you just nosh when hungry? How do you shut down your inner hater when she rears her ugly (and uninvited) head?