Relaxer Day: Successful End to an Annoying Stretch

11.16.13 Relaxer Update FrontI ended my 29 week stretch on Saturday. This wasn’t my longest stretch but it was certainly the most irritating  because my hair was underprocessed in several sections. Due to this, my roller sets would revert in certain areas and just be the hottest of messes. Dealing with my hair this go around  also  makes me wonder I had to make such a drastic cut or if the rough hair I felt was simply what didn’t straighten during my last touch up. Oh, well.

I used my normal Organic Root Stimulator Lye Olive Oil Relaxer in regular strength. I’m not sure if it’s the biotin I’ve been taking or my diet and exercise regimen but I had a grip of new growth. We ended up using 1.5 tubs of the creme mixed with castor oil. From start to finish, the relaxer application took 40 minutes! Interestingly enough, I didn’t burn at all and probably could have sat a little longer because I’m still wavy baby at the roots.

Jordan neutralized my hair about 5 times with Isoplus Color Alarm Neutralizing Shampoo. I then deep conditioned with Silicon Mix, ORS Replenishing Conditioner and Roux Porosity Control Conditioner overnight. After applying Adore Clear Rinse this morning, I then headed to my local Dominican salon for a “washy set.” Here are the results:

11.16.13 Relaxer Update Left


11.17.13 Relaxer Update Right

I’m really pleased with the length I’ve gained! My layers still look great and my hair is so full. I’m flirting with APL again and I’ll definitely have it again by next year; still shooting for BSL by the end of next year. I haven’t noticed any breakage or other problems.

What recent hair changes have you made? Are you growing closer to your hair goals? Have you implemented any lifestyle changes that have been paying off for you?

  • I was just about to email you to ask how things are going!
    Your hair looks great, very thick and healthy. I’ve been busy so I’m hardly online, I was now checking out the company you ordered your weave from, how did it hold up? would you buy from them again?
    I am in a protective style and will touch up when I take it out, I am hoping to get my hair cut to kick off the new year. I love a nice full hemline and I’m getting impatient so I’m thinking of just doing it one time and see how 2014 plays out.

    • Thank you! The hair held up okay. I don’t think I took the best care of it, though. If I decide to do a weave in the future, I’d probably invest a little more in the hair. It didn’t tangle or mat and shedding was minimal. I agree, I love a full hemline, too.