Protective Styling Series: My First Crochet Wig

Me_Crochet_WigI’m 14 weeks post and I’ve been itching to install a protective style since Thanksgiving. So far, my favorite protective styles have been cornrows with Marley twists and crochet braids. Since moving to the Bronx from Queens, I no longer live near any salons I know or have my live-in stylist: my mom. There are probably plenty of places I could go for braids but I work best off of referrals, not blind luck.

Couple my difficulty finding a stylist with the somewhat prohibitive cost of protective styles and you’ll understand what’s taken me so long. I’ve been quoted $100-$140, plus hair! My low funds (and general laziness) have resulted in me getting Dominican doobies every 3 weeks and neglecting my hair in between. My hair is growing but is definitely suffering from my indifference.

After finally crawling out from under a rock, I found this YouTube tutorial on crochet wigs. I watched the entire video and my jaw literally dropped when I saw her results. After watching all the videos I could find, I grew more intrigued. The top brands I noticed people using are Janet Collection Noir Marley hair or Freetress Cuban Twist. Since the woman in the first video used Janet, I decided to do the same.

The next day, I began gathering supplies. The hair, perm rods, crochet needle, mannequin head and net all came to $40 in my local beauty supply store. When I looked at these items on Amazon, everything came to $80. *Side eye to Amazon.* Anyway, the style itself is super easy, just tedious. If you have ever done crochet braids, it’s the same concept just on a wig head instead of your own. I started it on a Monday after work and finished crocheting the hair on Wednesday night. I curled it with the perm rods on Thursday and rocked it at my office Christmas party on Friday.IMG_3158


I want to make another unit for the new year and maybe play with a little color. I made a couple of observations with this first one and I have to keep them in mind for next time:

1. Buy more perm rods. I bought six packs but since I used 3 packs of hair, it wasn’t enough. Perm rods are only $0.99 each so I’ll stock up.
2. Curl hair before attaching to the net. I have seen the style done where you curl the Marley hair first or when you apply the hair to the unit and then curl it. I’ll try it the second way for my next unit.
3. Make sure hair is completely dry before removing rollers. This kind of aligns with my previous point. Since I added the hair first, I had to dip the entire unit in boiling water and then try to pat the rollers dry. Since I didn’t give it enough time, the hair got bigger and lost a lot of definition. It’s still cute but not nearly as defined as I hoped for.
4. Don’t separate the Marley pieces before adding to the net. The hair comes in a bundle with individual pieces. I divided those pieces into halves (or thirds) because I didn’t think it would fill up the net. Big mistake. The ladies in all the videos I watched didn’t use more than 2.5 packs so my 3 gave me a very full look. Next time, I should be able to get by with just 2.5 packs.

Despite how easy the style seemed, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to pull this off. Styling still isn’t my strong suit and this is a task my mom would usually help me with. Having completed it has really boosted my confidence in my abilities. I love this look, especially for the holidays. I love that I can make a low bun or even pin curl my own hair under a wig cap and then throw this unit on. It’s low-may to the max without sacrificing style.

How are you rocking your hair this holiday season? Have you tried the crochet wig? Would you ever give this a try?

  • I love it! I wish I had the patience because I would definitely make one myself. I plan on getting this style with crochet braids soon.

    • I bet they will look great!

  • What a great job! #BLMGirls

  • Very cute! I love crochet braids. I’ve done lots of posts and videos on them. A wig is on my list to try :) #blmgirls

    • Thank you, VeePeeJay! Crochet braids are sooo versatile that I love them, too!

  • I love this! You go girl! I have been rocking a wig lately, but I’m actually headed to get another hair cut soon.

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see your new haircut.