Operation Bust Back Into Onederland

In my last post, I talked about resetting my hair regimen because I’m not seeing the results I want.┬áRemember how excited I was to walk into Onederland? It was awhile ago and I’ve been skirting its borders for quite some time but I was a fairly upstanding citizen. Unhealthy behavior always catches up with you, though. Not exercising, not drinking water like it’s my job and overindulging have landed me outside of Onederland.

Looking back over my previous endeavors, I haven’t always set the most realistic goals. I’m not going to drive myself crazy or beat myself up but it IS time for a change. There are 66 weeks until my 30th birthday so I’m shooting for 1lb each week until then. If I can do this successfully, I will hit my goal weight!

I have been hitting the gym 2-3 each week for the past few weeks. It’s a small change but it feels great to be active again.┬áI have also been tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. Admittedly, I don’t always stay on track but it keeps me accountable. I intend to continue focusing on my food and exercise.

I have been fairly consistent with my water intake but could use a more focused approach. As a result, I’m starting a new round of 21 Day Water Challenge on Sunday February 1st. Since it’s ben awhile, I’m going to go in at the beginner level. It’ll be a good way to establish the habit of consistently hydrating.

How are you doing with your fitness so far this year? Have you lost motivation or are you still going strong? Will you be joining the water challenge with me? Let me in the comments!