A New Chapter in My Hair Journey: The Big Chop

It's about to go down!

It’s about to go down!

After 22 years of being relaxed, I’m natural again. I have been natural for a week and I’m still in shock. My overprocessed relaxed hair was about APL but limp, damaged and lifeless. Do you have any idea how irritating it is to get a wash and set and not have a style in about two hours? What a waste of time and money! After repeatedly trimming cutting my hair in hopes of achieving the dream relaxed hair of my youth, I decided enough was enough.

It occurred to me in the shower (where I do my best thinking) that I want to be natural by 30. Not GOING natural, I want to know my texture, love it and have some length. I’ve always flirted with the idea of transitioning but I know me. After months and months of stretching, I would see all the new growth and be like, “Ooh, I wonder how long my hair would be if I just relaxed it one more time!”

To circumvent that, I knew there was only one solution: a big chop. My thinking was if my hair is going to be short, it should count for something. This isn’t to say I was completely on board when the idea of cutting all my hair off first crossed my mind. In fact, I was riddled with questions and doubts. What if I don’t like my texture? What if my hair isn’t long enough to cut right now? How can I dress up my hair for special occasions?

To help me work it through, I talked to my husband and closest friends. My friends made the case for transitioning but didn’t begrudge my decision to big chop. My husband was more gung-ho about the big chop than anybody! He reminded me how long I’d been talking about going natural, how discouraged I got each time I had to cut off my progress, and that this change could be just what I need to get out of my funk. I voiced my fears about not having any hair or having an unmanageable texture or feeling unattractive. Hubbz kissed me, told me he’d love me with my hair at any length and to think of all the blog material I’d have. I appreciated his support but needed to figure out the logistics of it all.

The clincher was the numerous YouTube videos I watched. I couldn’t imagine how I could style a TWA but I watched tons of ladies with curls, kinks and coils who all achieved curl definition with the right products. If it worked for all of them, it would work for me! Decision made.

At four months post, I was preparing for a touch up and hair cut so I already had a hair appointment scheduled. I had been to Ayten Farrell’s salon in 2013 when I got my last serious hair cut. I met with Ayten a few weeks ago for a consultation. She asked me questions about my hair and goals and walked me through the relaxer process. When she took down my bun, she remarked how beautiful my hair is and asked why I even bother relaxing. I’ve never visited a salon where a hair care professional commended my natural texture and my hair’s length. During the consultation, I told her I’d probably go natural one day so imagine her surprise when I came in less than two weeks later requesting a big chop! The experience was great, though, and I’m already working on an updated review.

The first cut is the  deepest.

The first cut is the deepest.

It is finished!

My new hair regimen is under construction but I have the basics down:

– Cowash Sunday and Wednesday, DC on Friday.
– Rock wash and gos until my hair is long enough to braid
– Apply JBCO to scalp on wash days seal with EVCO.
I’m still researching the curly girl method but I have a fair amount of products to use up in the meantime. I’ve been cowashing with Aussie Moist conditioner and VO5 Moisture Milk.

I am really loving my natural hair. I feel sexy, powerful, confident and like an absolute boss. It’s possible to grow long relaxed hair, I’ve seen plenty of ladies do it. My issue was a lack of patience and consistency. For now, my natural hair is the best look for me. I support all hair choices; if you like it, I love it!

Now, here are some shots of my hair!

Rockin' my new 'do

Rockin’ my new ‘do

What influenced your decision to go natural? Have you perfected wash and gos? How long did it take you to find your staple products?