The 21 Day Water Challenge: April 2016 Edition

21 Day Water Challenge

I have fallen so far off my fitness game, it’s laughable. With the demands of my new job, I’ve had trouble getting back into writing, let alone practicing self care. Luckily, one of my Facebook friends explicitly asked me about the 21 Day Water Challenge (#21DWC) for March and I promised her one is coming for April.

Since we all need to start somewhere, I’m starting small: by getting my water intake back under control. We all know that water does our hair, skin, nails a world of good but it can also aid in weight management. With all of this said, the April 2016 21 Day Water Challenge is starting on Monday April 4th. If you’ve been slacking or just need some encouragement, this challenge is for you.

The rules are easy. Choose which level works best for you (I’m doing beginner) and commit to drinking that amount of water for 21 days. Let me know when you finish each day by commenting on my Instagram post for the day with “Day x Complete #21DWC.” That’s it!

Beginner: 64 ounces daily
Intermediate: Half your body weight in ounces (example: 150lb person drinks 75oz of water daily)
Advanced: 128oz daily

*Note: If your body 1/2 your body weight in ounces exceeds 128, you can choose which level you do.*

Are you in?