My First Whole30 Results and Lifestyle Update

Whole30 ResultsMy first Whole30 ended on Tuesday, February 9th at 11:59pm and I DID it! I’m so proud to say that I didn’t cheat AT ALL. Even when I had a team happy hour (water with lemon for me), a team dinner (I’ll have the steak with extra greens) and an all day team training that involved mimosas and bagels (!!! I brought steak and eggs and chugged my water). I had to prove that I could do this and I did. I placed a lot of importance on successfully completing this, not because I was chasing perfection (although I usually do), but because I had to prove that if I could do this, I could do ANYTHING. I have a high pressure job where my performance easily spills into other aspects of my life; if I’m killing it at work, I kill it elsewhere and vice versa. Since all aspects of my life are so intrinsically linked, I treated the Whole30 as a way to push myself at work, financially and in my marriage. This is what made my success so critical.

Well, I lost 8.4lbs this month even without being super consistent with my workouts. I also feel very rested and more positive. I’ve been changing the way my inner voice sounds and replacing it with uplifting language. This month was a necessary reminder that a clean diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, Jordan and I have decided to adopt a paleoish diet. We’re planning 4-5 cheat meals a month (and we need to be accountable to each other about them) and the rest of the month eating clean at home.

I had mixed feelings about ending the Whole30. I was excited to reintroduce some of the food I had stopped eating but I was worried about falling back into my habits. What if I had pizza or popcorn and couldn’t stop the cravings? Was I really about to undo all the work I’d done? I put my control to the test fairly quickly after the Whole30 ended. I was craving Chinese food all day Tuesday and then Wednesday. Now, Chinese food is the cheap and kind of the “lowest common denominator” of food but I couldn’t get it off my mind. So, we finally gave in and ordered it…and it was SO unsatisfying, b. The food was greasy, unseasoned, oily, heavy; just an overall fail. When I was done eating I felt dissatisfied and mildly annoyed I’d wasted a cheat on it. When Jordan and I talked about it, we were in agreement. We also confirmed that we’ve made food that’s way more bomb than this.

I’ll be passing on Chinese food moving forward. I can make something more nutritious and delicious in the crib. And today we did. We made an amazing chef’s salad with hard boiled egg, honey turkey, cheddar, avocado, cucumber and tomato and a side of green plantains. It was amazing and filling. We were so satisfied and happy with this meal.

This experience really helped me understand that the food I haven’t been eating the past month doesn’t control me. It’s not all going to be blah like Chinese food but even the delicious, high quality “cheat food” isn’t everything. My health, energy and happiness are more critical. I’ll continue posting really delicious meals on Instagram and updating you guys on my progress.

Have you ever completed the Whole30? Did you find improvements in your mood and energy? What questions do you have for me?

  • Tonya Cross

    Congrats on completing and sticking to plan! I started a eating plan in November and reached my goal in January. I too decided to continue the good eating habits I acquired!

    • Thank you for your comment! Congratulations to you for reworking your eating habits (around the holidays, no less)! I’m glad to hear you’ve hit your goal and I look forward to doing the same.

  • Congratulations! You did such an amazing job with this challenge! The food you were posting on Instagram looked so good and wow, 8lbs! That’s awesome! Good luck with your new lifestyle; it sounds totally doable and delicious! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Kim! I’m excited about embarking on this journey.