My First DevaCut Experience Was Fantastic!

Type 4 Color-Treated Hair Before DevaCutBelieve it or not, I hadn’t gotten my hair trimmed since last July! Tangles and single strand knots were giving me the blues so I knew I was long overdue. When I got it
trimmed last year, I went to a salon that blow dried and flat ironed it in order to cut my ends. The experience was fine but I wanted try try out a DevaCut.

For those who don’t know, a DevaCut is a hair cut (or trim) with your hair in its naturally curly state. Most salons will straighten your hair in order to cut it. I’ve only had my hair flat ironed once since going natural and that was for the trim last year. It was nice to see my hair straight but it was a lot of heat and manipulation considering that I walked out with a wash and go. Since I’ve mastered my wash and go and am obsessed with my texture, I wear my hair curly a lot. A DevaCut allows my hair to be shaped while it’s in the state I wear it most: curly.

When looking for a salon to get a DevaCut, you have a few options. You can visit your local DevaChan salon or find a Deva Inspired salon. I decided to visit the latter. My search started with Swivel which is an app dedicated to helping ladies with highly textured hair find a salon that caters to our unique tresses. I scoured the app for a reasonably priced stylist and then cross-referenced that with Yelp reviews. This process paid off because I found Filament Hair Salon: a reasonably priced salon that has 5 stars from ALL reviewers. After reading all the reviews and spending extra time on those from ladies with type 4 tresses, I booked my appointment with Candace (and stalked her Instagram).

It’s recommended to arrive with your hair in its natural state with little to no product but, as someone with kinky curly hair, I knew I’d need some product on my hair so she could get through it. I did a fresh wash and go that morning and my hair was 95% dry when I arrived. I use Camille Rose Naturals products so I used the Curl Love Moisture Milk followed by the Curlmaker Gel. I’m usually very heavy handed but I kept it light for the appointment. Candace is very sweet and asked me questions about my regimen and and what I wanted to accomplish. We agreed that a trim and a little shaping would get rid of some of the dead ends but not sacrifice too much length.

Sitting under the dryer

Part of the DevaCut experience is no combs or styling tools so Candace didn’t use any on me. The worst part was the finger detangling because I’m very tender-headed and my hair tangles easily but she used quite a bit of the DevaCurl Decadence line to help with slip. I was in and out in a little under 2 hours and my hair was soft, defined and even maintained its softness on the second day (which usually never happens). I will return to Candace every 4-6 months to keep my hair’s hemline in great shape.




Candace, Deva Inspire stylist, at the Filament Hair Salon.

Thanks, Candace!

How frequently do you usually trim your hair? Have you ever gotten a DevaCut? Did you like it? 

  • I usually trim my hair every 4-6 months but I don’t get a deva cut. My stylist just blow drys it and trims it that way but I’ve really wanted to get a deva cut but I’m nervous since I do straighten my hair occasionally and I hear your hair will be very uneven if you straighten it. Is that true? Your hair looks AMAZING and it has a really nice shape.

    • Thank you! I think you’re right, though. If you cut it while curly and then straighten, it will probably be uneven. I imagine that if you have a uniform texture throughout your head it’s not so bad but who really does? Maybe you could have a consultation with a DevaCut stylist to see if it makes sense. Either way, your hair always looks stunning!!!

  • Torina

    Your cut is awesome. I was thinking about going and get a devacut. After she cut your hair did she wash your hair again or just put DevaCurl Decadence in your hair?

    • Thank you, Torina! She cut my curls dry and then washed and styled with the DevaCurl Decadence line.