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A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Four Favorite Photos

Me and Hubbz

This is the last week for our BLMGirlsWrite February Link-Up. I’ve had a great time collaborating with SheBeKnowin and I hope everyone has enjoyed this month with us. This week’s topic deals with our favorite pictures. I’ve shared my top four favorite photos below. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I won’t offer too many of my own below!

Me and My Husband After Our First Date

My husband and I dated 3 years before we got married and we have quite a few pics of us together. After our first fancy dinner, we took this picture. This picture shows how genuinely happy we were to be together and even the light is soft and romantic. We want to make it a point to have more pictures as our relationship continues but this will forever be one of my favorites.


Paint the Town Red with These Date Night Looks

Two of the best words that my husband can say to me are “date night.” We work opposite schedules and only share one night off so it’s always a good time when we can hit the town together. The one thing that gives me pause is selecting an outfit. The idea of dressing up is always fun but sometimes my closet can be limiting.

For the third week of the #BLMGirlsWrite link-up, SheBeKnowin and I thought it would be cool to plan looks for a night out. Whether you’re planning a date night with bae or looking to chill out with your girls, these three looks are sure to please.


Wanderlust: Where In The World Do I Wanna Go?


Like most people, I absolutely love to travel. While my finances don’t always support my wanderlust, it doesn’t hurt to dream! My husband and I both enjoy traveling and we’re in agreement about some the places we want to go. Most of these are pretty standard but I still wanted to share them with you.


Sadly, I have yet to visit the west coast. I have always found Cali interesting and can’t wait to get out there. In-N-Out burger, sunny skies, Bay Area accents? Sign me up!


Weigh-In Wednesday: The Return of The Healthy

Workouts: 2/2
Eating Habits: Kept on 1/2 days.
This Week’s Weight Change: -4.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-19.0lbs

So, I haven’t been the most diligent in my fitness journey. I let life get in the way and lost a lot of the progress I made. Not all of it, though. I knew I wanted to start over again but didn’t know how. 

Enter my BLMGirls. 

The lovely Britton of My Big Beautiful Life is leading the challenge and being assisted by Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fab, Beatrice Clay of Inspired by Beatrice Clay and Ticka of Spoon Full of Sugar. BLMGetFit is a fitness challenge open to all but, if you want to be eligible for prizes, there was a $10 admission fee. There are also mini weekly challenges on Instagram and Twitter where winners will get blog promo on all platforms. I heard “competition” and immediately jumped on.

As if winning a competition isn’t enough, I’m also getting married next June. This means I have a wedding dress to not just fit into but looking STUNNING in. I’m committed to getting in the best shape of my life, one small change at a time. My overall goals are to lose 60 pounds before my wedding and workout at least 5x/weekly.

I can safely say The Healthy is back and here to stay. My cardio stamina isn’t where it used to be but I look forward to getting back on it. I am doing 3 workouts each week before I resume my normal Turbo Fire schedule.  I’ve been juicing prior to my workouts for energy and to ensure I get enough vegetables. I have also been keeping on track with my water intake (64 ounces) largely due to the BLMGetFit challenge to get #waterwastedTaking control of my health is a top priority for me.

Whew. That was a post and a half! Thanks for reading!


The Ubiquitous New Year’s Goals Post for 2013

Happy Birthday, Mommy! How could I end 2012 without writing the obligatory 2013 resolutions post?! The “new year, new me” mantra is a NYE gold standard for all bloggers, vloggers, and internet personalities.
Real talk, though, I’m excited about next year. There are changes I want to make and I can actually see myself making them. In order to ensure I keep my eye on the prize(s)


BLM Girls: We Are Family, I Got All My Sistas With Me!

I don’t normally blog unless it’s in regards to hair or health but I felt inspired. The lovely and talented EbonyCPrincess of Longing4Length invited me to join a group on Friday. Considering the fact that she’s blogging shero, I immediately took her up on the offer. Little did I realize how amazing the group was!

Bloggers Like Me isn’t just a Facebook group; it’s a movement for women of color who enjoy getting their blog on and networking. From fashion to foodies to follicizers (yep, coined a phrase), we’re all very well represented. And oh-so supportive. I genuinely feel like I’ve joined a family and stumbled upon sisters I didn’t even know were out there! No cattiness, negativity, or hateration exists in our dancery. Just great ladies helping one another carve our niche in the blogosphere. 

Ebony, I just want to say thank you again for thinking of me because I feel truly blessed to be a #BLMGirl!

Are you part of a blogging network? Do you have the support you need? Why haven’t you joined us yet?!