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The 21 Day Water Challenge: April 2016 Edition

21 Day Water Challenge

I have fallen so far off my fitness game, it’s laughable. With the demands of my new job, I’ve had trouble getting back into writing, let alone practicing self care. Luckily, one of my Facebook friends explicitly asked me about the 21 Day Water Challenge (#21DWC) for March and I promised her one is coming for April.

Since we all need to start somewhere, I’m starting small: by getting my water intake back under control. We all know that water does our hair, skin, nails a world of good but it can also aid in weight management. With all of this said, the April 2016 21 Day Water Challenge is starting on Monday April 4th. If you’ve been slacking or just need some encouragement, this challenge is for you.


Operation Bust Back Into Onederland

In my last post, I talked about resetting my hair regimen because I’m not seeing the results I want. Remember how excited I was to walk into Onederland? It was awhile ago and I’ve been skirting its borders for quite some time but I was a fairly upstanding citizen. Unhealthy behavior always catches up with you, though. Not exercising, not drinking water like it’s my job and overindulging have landed me outside of Onederland.

Looking back over my previous endeavors, I haven’t always set the most realistic goals. I’m not going to drive myself crazy or beat myself up but it IS time for a change. There are 66 weeks until my 30th birthday so I’m shooting for 1lb each week until then. If I can do this successfully, I will hit my goal weight!


Healthier, Wealthier You Challenges: February and March Updates

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I know I’ve been super MIA for a hot minute but I’m back! My absence has been due in part to being inconsistent and poor time management on my part. This post will serve as a quick update for February and March on how I’m faring with the Healthier, Wealthier You challenges.

1. Brown Bag Lunch: In February I fell off bringing my meals because I didn’t do proper grocery shopping. Towards the end of the month I finally got it together and I’ve been brining meals since then. I usually have oatmeal for breakfast, two fruits as snack during the day, and home cooked leftovers for lunch.


Weigh-In Wednesday: May Will Be a "Challenging" Month

Workouts: 0/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 3/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 1, Round 2
This Week’s Weight Change: -1.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-20.4lbs

I’m not particularly surprised by my weight loss this week because I was, for the most part, focused. I missed a few workouts and didn’t have the greatest eating weekend but I was pretty solid. I know it would have been a little more if I hadn’t gone nuts over the weekend.

Now that it’s the first of May, I’m ready to kick my efforts up a notch. In addition to restarting the squat challenge, I’m also back on the 21 Day Water Challenge, Intermediate level. Slowly but surely, I’m incorporating 3 workouts per week. By the end of the month, I’d like to be up to 4x/week. 

Overall, I’m really excited to reap the benefits of my little changes.  I am also making it a point to stay focused but be kind to myself. I find that sometimes when my changes don’t immediately yield results, I’m ready to beat myself or throw in the towel. My biggest challenge this month will be speaking positively to myself.

What changes are you introducing this month? Has your weight loss journey been going well? Which challenges will you be joining with me?


Weigh-In Wednesday: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 1/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 12 of 21
This Week’s Weight Change: +1.2lbs
Overall Weight Change:-14.8lbs

Couch to 5K: Week 2, Day 1

I wish I could say I’ve been killing it and eating like a champ. But, have I ever lied to y’all? Nope. And I don’t intend to start now. 

Things haven’t been all bad and I’ve remained on track with my water challenge thus far. I have also successfully completed Week 1 of C25K and am moving on to Week 2. My problem lies on my plate.

I don’t eschew vegetables or fruits. Quite the opposite; I love ‘em! Unfortunately, I love bad stuff, too. In excess. I find myself making great choices throughout the day and then I’m derailed at the end of the day. Multiply that by 7 days a week and you get gain.

At this point, I don’t have a plan in place to keep myself on track. I’m open to suggestions from other folks in fitness journeys, though. I’m trying to stay motivated but it seems to be a vicious cycle where I make a bad choice, feel bad about myself, and then make another choice because I feel bad. Feel me?

How do you stay motivated? What is your nutritional kryptonite?


Weigh-In Wednesday: I’m Sore But Smiling!

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track ?/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: N/A
This Week’s Weight Change: +0.7lbs
Overall Weight Change:-16lbs

I haven’t been tracking my food or drinking as much water so that’s why I’ve gained. I’ve decided to restart the water challenge this Friday since I didn’t remain consistent this time around. Despite all these factors, I’m still smiling!

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know that exercise isn’t really my thing. I wasn’t an athlete in high school, I was in chorus. I have never been a runner so it was just as random to me when I started researching C25K. Even while I was finding the information, I didn’t really believe I would do it. Well, I finally started yesterday and I feel so accomplished! Yeah, it was only the first day but I’m still proud. The most awesome part about me starting C25K this week is that it’s in line this week’s BLMGetFit Challenge: Switch It Up Challenge. 

Today I am sore all over. My arms, back, abs, legs, everything. I’m not in too much pain but I know I had a solid workout yesterday. I really feel like this is something I’ll stick with. I feel so blessed that I’m even able to move that in between my huffing and puffing, I was thanking God. I have been toying with the idea of becoming a runner but never took it seriously. *Cedric the Entertainer voice*Well, now I’m so sinsurrr!  C25K calls for workouts every other day but, depending on how sore I am, I may wait a few days or do Turbo Fire instead.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Weekends Suck

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 2/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 8 of Round 1
This Week’s Weight Change: +5.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-15.2lbs

I think the stats are pretty telling of my week. But, to be fair, my weekend was my undoing. I didn’t track faithfully and I didn’t show any restraint when eating. Like, eating from a huge bag of chips without setting aside a specific portion. Or demolishing my little sister’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I continued eating poorly through the rest of the week. Weekends are tough because I have the chance to unwind and catch up with my family. Then, I didn’t workout even though I had ample opportunity to. The result? Nearly 6lbs of gain. That’s crazy.

I’m bummed out but not defeated. I stayed on target for my water and feel good about that. Like, really good. So good, in fact that I’m still speaking to myself in a positive voice. This is a lifestyle change and won’t happen overnight, even if I want it to. I’ll continue tracking everything I eat and keep on keepin’ on with my water. I’m determined to achieve my 3 weekly workouts this week. I’ll schedule them on my calendar and will report back with my success next week. 

How are you holding up this week? What’s the one thing you want to change moving forward? Are you being consistent with your water?


Weigh-In Wednesday: A Small Loss and A Gain in Motivation

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 3/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 1 of Round 1This Week’s Weight Change: -3.2lbs
Overall Weight Change:-21lbs

I received an overwhelming amount of support after last week’s post and it’s definitely helped me this week. I have been tracking EVERYTHING I eat and it’s proven helpful. I will continue to do so. Since I am keeping track of what I eat, I am also making healthier choices. For instance, my family and I went to Olive Garden this weekend and I decided to get a less calorie laden entree. It was delicious and didn’t feel deprived at all!

Even though I only worked out once last week, I’m not discouraged. I will do a HIIT workout tonight because that’s quick. Even though I know I’ll be tired after class, this is not something I can bend on. Consistently moving my butt will help me lose the fat from it.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Faking My Way to the Top

Workouts: 0/6
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 1 Complete of Round 5
Eating Habits: Kept on ?/7 days.
This Week’s Weight Change: -1.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-21.4lbs

Days Until Cruise: 24

Sorry about not checking in with you guys! I haven’t been having the greatest couple of weeks. School has been kicking my butt and my eating and fitness habits have gone completely by the wayside. Surprisingly, I lost both last week and this week.

Even though the scale doesn’t say so, I’ve been indulging entirely too much. My sister made brownies from scratch and a Dunkin’ Donuts opened up across the street from my job; need I say more? 

I wish I could tell you I have a plan in the works and that I’m going to be an absolute angel moving forward but I respect y’all too much to lie. I just don’t feel motivated. In spite of that, I’m just going to pretend to be focused until cruise day comes. I will try harder to get my veggies in and I have reset the 21 Day Water Challenge again because I only made it to Day 1! Finally, I’m going to try on my bathing suits again so I can keep my goals in perspective. I mentioned that my swimsuits fit okay but I have more work to do. Actually seeing the fit will keep me on track. Hopefully, I can push myself into motivated mode.

How do you find motivation when it’s lacking? Will you be joining me for Round 5 of 21DWC? 


Weigh-In Wednesday: Eating Habits and Exercise

=&0=& 4/4

21 Day Water Challenge: Day 17 of Round 2
Eating Habits: Kept on track 3/7 Days
This Week’s Weight Change: +0.6lbs
Overall Weight Change: -4.6lbs

The most challenging part of my fitness journey (so far, anyway) has been embracing the idea that “you can’t ‘out exercise’ a bad diet.” The concept that most of my weight loss efforts will be rewarded through my eating habits and not gym visits boggles my mind. Please don’t get it twisted; I did my thing on the exercise front but the eating habits this weekend were horrendous. I was like, “Counting calories? Where they do that at??” Improving my diet and making healthier choices is something I’m going to continue to acclimate myself to.