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Wash Day: A Dominican Salon Fail


Continuing with my year long stretch, I have been rocking protective styles for the past few months so I can leave my hair alone. The boo and I had plans to go out Saturday evening (he works Saturdays so we never get to go out) and a good friend of mine was celebrating his birthday; I wanted to look fly. I decided that I wanted a wash and set since I haven’t seen my hair straight in about 7 months.  I figured a quick trip to my local Dominican salon would be the perfect way to get my fix. 

Let me give you guys some history about this salon. Ninoska Beauty Salon has been up the block from my house for about 2.5 years. When it first opened, I was beyond excited because the closest Dominican hair salon I trust is Hair Flair By Georgina on Linden and Merrick Boulevards. 

I went to Ninoska in 2011 for a wash and set and was pleased by the results. My next visit to get a relaxer retouch in May 2011 was my final time. They overlapped the relaxer severely which resulted in crazy wild damage. I cut my hair from BSL to APL because my ends suffered. I figured I would give Ninoska another chance because it’s only a roller set, how badly could that turn out?


Dominican Salons: The Ultimate Hustle

When it comes to hair, I’m pretty low-maintenance. I enjoy a nice, simple roller set. I love the bounce, body, and shine a wet set can help me achieve. Due to the minimal use of product, Dominican sets are the BEST! Flirty, soft, blinging hair that moves with the wind is always the resulting style when I leave the salon. My issue, however, are the steps (and cost) it takes to get me there. 
I’m not loyal to any particular Dominican salon since I haven’t been wowed by one yet. On Sunday, I called one of the spots I frequent when I need a doobie just to get some pricing. The first one I called for pricing stated a roller set is $25. When I asked if it would be extra if I bring my own DC, I was told it would be an extra $3 to sit under the dryer. Really? Maybe their electric bill is through the roof and they’re trying to offset the cost *shrugs*.


Salon Review: Hair Flair by Georgina

So, I have an interview on Tuesday and wanted my hair to be a bit more presentable than the style I’ve been wearing as of late. I made a trip to Hair Flair by Georgina, my former go-to Dominican salon.  I stopped visiting this salon because I was attacked by a scissor-happy stylist back in 2010 but I figured a wash and set couldn’t be too challenging.
I arrived around 2:00 and was helped immediately. I brought my SM Moisture ‘poo, and a DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner+AVG+EVCO+EVOO+AO and HE Hello Hydration. The woman who shampoo’d and roller set me was gentle and didn’t comb through my NG with reckless abandon like some “stylists” do. 


How I Survive a Visit to the Dominican Salon

Since I’m not the most adept at styling, I usually leave it in the hands of a Dominican stylist. While they can use A LOT of heat, if you’re properly prepared, a visit to una estilista can be a great experience!

Bring Your Own Products
Some salons use quality products while others don’t. I prefer to bring my own shampoo and DC. I bring my shampoo because I don’t like the stripped feeling most shampoos give my hair. I bring my own DC because I can’t see myself paying extra for a DC when I don’t even know what it is. I know what works with my hair so why wouldn’t I give my hair what it likes?