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My First DevaCut Experience Was Fantastic!

Type 4 Color-Treated Hair Before DevaCut

Believe it or not, I hadn’t gotten my hair trimmed since last July! Tangles and single strand knots were giving me the blues so I knew I was long overdue. When I got it
trimmed last year, I went to a salon that blow dried and flat ironed it in order to cut my ends. The experience was fine but I wanted try try out a DevaCut.

For those who don’t know, a DevaCut is a hair cut (or trim) with your hair in its naturally curly state. Most salons will straighten your hair in order to cut it. I’ve only had my hair flat ironed once since going natural and that was for the trim last year. It was nice to see my hair straight but it was a lot of heat and manipulation considering that I walked out with a wash and go. Since I’ve mastered my wash and go and am obsessed with my texture, I wear my hair curly a lot. A DevaCut allows my hair to be shaped while it’s in the state I wear it most: curly.


5 Things I Learned After a Year with Natural Hair

Yesterday was my curlaversary and I’m so happy I stuck it out! I spontaneously decided to go natural last year so I didn’t transition, I big chopped. After the shiny newness of my style and the joy of being part of a big, beautiful community wore off, I looked at myself in the mirror and wonder, “Am I still beautiful?” Yes, my husband said so and some days I even felt it, but not frequently enough. I looked back at old pictures of my relaxed hair and began regretting cutting it all of.  Long, straight hair had always been my favorite accessory but all I had to work with was tiny curls. What was I actually doing, anyway? It wasn’t long enough to braid so protective styles were out. I have all of these different textures represented on my head so I didn’t even have a consistent curl pattern. The longer it grew, the more I wondered how was I going to look presentable?


Relaxer Day: Successful End to an Annoying Stretch

11.16.13 Relaxer Update Front

I ended my 29 week stretch on Saturday. This wasn’t my longest stretch but it was certainly the most irritating  because my hair was underprocessed in several sections. Due to this, my roller sets would revert in certain areas and just be the hottest of messes. Dealing with my hair this go around  also  makes me wonder I had to make such a drastic cut or if the rough hair I felt was simply what didn’t straighten during my last touch up. Oh, well.

I used my normal Organic Root Stimulator Lye Olive Oil Relaxer in regular strength. I’m not sure if it’s the biotin I’ve been taking or my diet and exercise regimen but I had a grip of new growth. We ended up using 1.5 tubs of the creme mixed with castor oil. From start to finish, the relaxer application took 40 minutes! Interestingly enough, I didn’t burn at all and probably could have sat a little longer because I’m still wavy baby at the roots.


Salon Review: Hair Flair by Georgina

So, I have an interview on Tuesday and wanted my hair to be a bit more presentable than the style I’ve been wearing as of late. I made a trip to Hair Flair by Georgina, my former go-to Dominican salon.  I stopped visiting this salon because I was attacked by a scissor-happy stylist back in 2010 but I figured a wash and set couldn’t be too challenging.
I arrived around 2:00 and was helped immediately. I brought my SM Moisture ‘poo, and a DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner+AVG+EVCO+EVOO+AO and HE Hello Hydration. The woman who shampoo’d and roller set me was gentle and didn’t comb through my NG with reckless abandon like some “stylists” do.