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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Made Bed

I love sleep more than Oprah loves bread. The only thing I love more than naps is sleeping in without setting an alarm. I’m pretty unique in that I can usually fall asleep on any relatively soft surface: air bed, futon, pull out couch, carpet etc.

I’m still able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere but, at the ripe age of damn-near-30 my body doesn’t feel the way it used to when I wake up. My husband and I had been sharing a full-sized mattress with a foam topper that just was NOT the business. The mattress sagged to one side and the foam topper would slide around in the middle of the night. Plus, the foam topper made the bed extra high which made it a challenge for me my dog Bailey to climb into and out of. Tired of waking up to aches and pains, precariously perching and scaling the bed, I knew it was time to upgrade our sleeping sitch.


Wanderlust: Where In The World Do I Wanna Go?


Like most people, I absolutely love to travel. While my finances don’t always support my wanderlust, it doesn’t hurt to dream! My husband and I both enjoy traveling and we’re in agreement about some the places we want to go. Most of these are pretty standard but I still wanted to share them with you.


Sadly, I have yet to visit the west coast. I have always found Cali interesting and can’t wait to get out there. In-N-Out burger, sunny skies, Bay Area accents? Sign me up!


Five Tips for (Relatively) Stress-Free Wedding Planning


I know I haven’t posted in forever but today is my six month halfiversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for half a year but this has been a great learning experience so far.

I can tell you that the weekend before our wedding was the most stressful one either of us have ever had. Between running last minute errands and signing for our first apartment, it was insane. But we made it through to tell the tale. Since I’ve successfully survived planning my own wedding, I want to share some tips to ensure your big day is relatively stress-free.


Healthier, Wealthier You Challenges: January Update

We’re 27 days in to the Healthier Wealthier You Challenges and I’ve been holding up pretty well. Here’s a quick recap of how I’ve been faring on the challenges.

1. Brown Bag Lunch: I’ve been bringing breakfast and lunch every day this month and will continue doing so. Sometimes it’s a salad, a sandwich, leftovers or even a Smart One meal. I’m trying not to go too crazy with the Smart Ones because they’re super high in sodium.


Why I Need a Positivity Jar (and You Might, Too!)

Positivity Jar

I don’t know about you but when I get sad, I spiral. One issue multiplies until I have trouble seeing anything good in my life. These times don’t happen as frequently as they used to but I can usually feel them coming on and feel powerless to stop them.

Until now.

At a New Year’s Eve Zumba Masterclass, the entire room was given a positivity jar (tutorial can be found here) in order to help us capture amazing moments throughout the year and reflect on them. We all know words are power so reflecting on positive moments and thoughts can do wonders to change our outlook and mood. Reading through encouraging words and achievements will show me that even if things are rough in that moment, I’m doing so much better and have achieved loads more than I realize.


Birthday Weekend Recap

This year, I harbored no excitement about my birthday. I felt blessed that God brought me through another year but 27 is such a blah age. My birthday was okay, not amazing and not horrible. This is the first time in about 5 years that I have had to work on my birthday and it isn’t something I’d like to soon repeat. Since I started at a new company, nobody really knows me so I spent the whole day with my head down, focused on the job. My parents gave me a lovely card but all I did for the whole day was go home, do my hair and go to bed early.
My family celebrates birthdays by going out for dinner and enjoying each other’s company. Last month, my grandmother asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner or have her cooking. Considering the fact that Gramma is coming out of pocket heftily for next year’s nuptials, I thought it would make sense to have dinner at her house. I guess fiscal responsibility is coming with my age, too. To sweeten the deal, Jordan said he’d planned a lovely date night after the family dinner.

We were running late to my Gramma’s house but we all looked nice. Everyone’s hair was laid and outfits pressed. I thought that was weird for a family night but I was glad my family was going to look cute in the Instagram pics that would shortly follow. When we got to Gramma’s, Mommy and Jordan were fussing back and forth about whether we should go through the front or back. Another oddity but we eventually went through the back. I was chatting with Gramma and eyeing all of the food she made hungrily when my mom called me to the front. As soon as I crossed the threshold from the dining room to the living room, a crowd of my friends screamed, “Surprise!” If you want to see my reaction, check out the video.


April Goals for the Go-Getter In Me

I’m taking a page out of Ebony‘s book and setting up some monthly goals for April. At the end of the month, I’ll take stock and see how I did. Here are my 4 goals for the month:

More Hair Talk: Now, I know I’ve been absolutely slacktastic with my posts but especially those about hair. I promise to get back on track. I haven’t purchased any products to review (curbing my PJism) but I do have some thoughts I want to share with you guys!

Sip, sip, sip: I’m in the second round of the challenge and it ends on April 22nd. After posting about it on the Stranded and my FB personal pages, I’ve had a good amount of people who have joined me which is awesome! With such a large support/accountability group, I know this challenge is going to be off the hook! Hmm…do people still say “off the hook?”