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My First Whole30 Results and Lifestyle Update

Whole30 Results

My first Whole30 ended on Tuesday, February 9th at 11:59pm and I DID it! I’m so proud to say that I didn’t cheat AT ALL. Even when I had a team happy hour (water with lemon for me), a team dinner (I’ll have the steak with extra greens) and an all day team training that involved mimosas and bagels (!!! I brought steak and eggs and chugged my water). I had to prove that I could do this and I did. I placed a lot of importance on successfully completing this, not because I was chasing perfection (although I usually do), but because I had to prove that if I could do this, I could do ANYTHING. I have a high pressure job where my performance easily spills into other aspects of my life; if I’m killing it at work, I kill it elsewhere and vice versa. Since all aspects of my life are so intrinsically linked, I treated the Whole30 as a way to push myself at work, financially and in my marriage. This is what made my success so critical.


The Healthy Tackles the Whole30

StrandedHHJ Whole30

Happy New Year! I hope your 2017 is off to an awesome start because mine certainly is.

I’m taking time to prioritize my health and I’m starting with my diet. I have been eating poorly for months which made me feel bad so I ate even worse and felt even worse; see the pattern? As a result of these choices, my clothes aren’t fitting properly, my back always hurts and my skin is freaking out. I was able to ignore these symptoms for awhile until I finally got on the scale this week. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life; even heavier than when I initially started my fitness journey back in 2012. My shoulders slumped when the number finally registered; I have work to do.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That (Kettlebell) Swing


 As I mentioned in my previous post, my cardio game is on point  but the strength training is sore lacking. I finally broke down and  bought a 15lb kettlebell and DVD in order to remedy that. I  ordered them Wednesday, had them by Friday and did my first  workout on Sunday.

The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD  is led by Lauren Brooks, mother of 2. She’s super fit and speaks at  length about the benefits of KB training, the weight newbies  should start with and form for each move. When I did Sunday’s  workout, I went through the stretch, instructional section and 12-minute workout. She also features a full 40-minute rework out  that I haven’t dared to try yet.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Mini Milestones and Keeping it Movin’


I was aiming to lose 4lbs last month and lost 4.2! I was consistent with my thrice weekly workouts (yes, thrice), sometimes even going 4 times a week. If I had remained on track with my eating habits, I’m sure I would have lost more. October’s goal is to drink 96 ounces of water daily, stay within my caloric range and lose 6lbs.

Since my diet is the cause for concern, I’m focusing a lot of attention there. Adhering to my calorie intake is crucial but, in the past, if I slipped up I’d have trouble getting back on track. I’d spiral out of control, lose all my progress and have to start over. I refuse to let that happen again. If I have a less than stellar meal or day, I leave it in the past and start afresh. Bringing my own food is key because I know exactly what I’m consuming. I think that is what helped me lose what I did.


Weigh-in Wednesday: Restarting C25K on the Wrong Day!


I’ve been so off my game. My eating habits have been horrendous and my workouts were non-existent. As usual, I was having trouble getting motivated. It was the same old cycle of eat poorly, gain weight, feel bad, repeat ad nauseam. I’m currently on the wrong side of onederland but I haven’t gained back all the weight I initially lost. I have lofty goals and if I don’t break them down into bite sized tasks, I’ll get overwhelmed. I was also really lacking motivation but this article helped with that.


Weigh-In Wednesday: May Will Be a "Challenging" Month

Workouts: 0/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 3/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 1, Round 2
This Week’s Weight Change: -1.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-20.4lbs

I’m not particularly surprised by my weight loss this week because I was, for the most part, focused. I missed a few workouts and didn’t have the greatest eating weekend but I was pretty solid. I know it would have been a little more if I hadn’t gone nuts over the weekend.

Now that it’s the first of May, I’m ready to kick my efforts up a notch. In addition to restarting the squat challenge, I’m also back on the 21 Day Water Challenge, Intermediate level. Slowly but surely, I’m incorporating 3 workouts per week. By the end of the month, I’d like to be up to 4x/week. 

Overall, I’m really excited to reap the benefits of my little changes.  I am also making it a point to stay focused but be kind to myself. I find that sometimes when my changes don’t immediately yield results, I’m ready to beat myself or throw in the towel. My biggest challenge this month will be speaking positively to myself.

What changes are you introducing this month? Has your weight loss journey been going well? Which challenges will you be joining with me?


Weigh-In Wednesday: Time To Get Fit, Doctor’s Orders

Workouts: 2/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 2/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Round 1 Complete 03/22
This Week’s Weight Change: -6lbs
Overall Weight Change:-18.6lbs

It’s been 3 weeks since my last WIW but I’m back on the ball. Whenever I fall all the way off, like I did last time, I usually don’t blog about it. I mean, who wants to hear about someone who can’t get it together? Besides, there’s only so much “You’ll get it next time!” I can hear without beating myself up. I love how supportive everyone is but when you’re in a downward spiral, only YOU can bring you out. 

I’m happy to say I’m out!

I visited a nutritionist on Sunday and it was an emotional experience. I know I’m out of shape but I didn’t realize to what degree. After weeping like a baby in her office, I strengthened my resolve to get back on track. I am loosely counting calories but focusing heavily on what I eat. Lots of fruits and vegetables and proteins. I’m going easy on the carbs and fatty stuff. I’m also tracking every bite on Sparkpeople. I also make sure to eat every 2-4 hours so I don’t overeat.

I raved about my FitBit  when I bought it and I still use it daily. I also purchased a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. The image to this post is after today’s Fire 45 workout. I absolutely love it and know it’s going to be a great addition to my fitness arsenal. Once I’ve gotten more comfortable with it, I’ll do a full review. 

I fell off the 30 Day Squat Challenge but I will restart it and the 21 Day Water Challenge in May. Wanna join me? 

Do you consult a nutritionist for guidance? What fitness tools do you have to help you reach your goals?


Weigh-In Wednesday: Feeling Good, Feeling Great!

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 2/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Round 1 Complete 03/22
This Week’s Weight Change: -3lbs
Overall Weight Change:-17.8lbs

Couch to 5K: Week 1, Day 2 (encore!)

This was a good week for me. I could have kept on track more with my eating habits and I didn’t complete Week 1 of C25K but I will. I have been bringing food from my house and it makes all the difference in the world. I don’t mind eating the same meal several days in a row so this method has proven successful.

I have also kept on track with the squat challenge. The first few days were absolutely BRUTAL and I was limping about. My body has since adjusted and, though my heart rate still gets up, I’m not experiencing residual soreness. Anyone interested in being held accountable for the challenge can contact me on here, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ve been using #30DSQ every day.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful week and I look forward to having more to report next week.

What changes have you made to impact your weight loss? Do you bring your lunch or have healthy snacks at your desk?


Weigh-In Wednesday: A Whole Mess of Change

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: N/A
21 Day Water Challenge: Round 1 Complete 03/22
This Week’s Weight Change: -2.8lbs
Overall Weight Change:-14.8lbs

Couch to 5K: Week 1, Day 1 (encore!)
Before I update you guys, I just want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and offered support on my weight loss journey. I have been majorly out of it for the past month but you guys have still offered many kind words. I’m at a loss for words about how grateful I am for the positive energy you have sent my way.

It’s been too long since I felt like getting fit. That’s not to say that I have enjoyed my gaining or allowing myself to lose the level of fitness I achieved; I just didn’t care enough to do anything about it. One of the biggest catalysts for me has been my upcoming wedding. The more I plan and formulate ideas, the more inspired and motivated I feel.

That motivation manifested itself this morning! I did my devotion, restarted C25K, made a delicious juice (banana, spinach, and mixed berries), and made breakfast to take with me. Oh, did I mention I arrived to work on time, too? Days like today are how my life would look on the regular. In the past, I have been inconsistent but I am claiming consistency from this day forward.
I am also doing a 30 day squat challenge with Candice over at My Healthy Hair Diary. Starting with 50 squats, you add an additional 5 squats daily with a rest on the fourth day. So, your schedule is Day 1: 50, Day 2: 55, Day 3: 60, Day 4: Rest. You can do any type of squat, as long as you use proper form.

I did some food shopping yesterday to help me save money and have total control over what I eat. I’ve been bringing breakfast and lunch this week and I look forward to continually doing so. All in all, I feel great!
Since spring has sprung, have you been committed to your fitness journey? With warmer temps on the way, have you changed up your exercise routine? 


Weigh-In Wednesday: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Workouts: 1/3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 1/7 days
21 Day Water Challenge: Day 12 of 21
This Week’s Weight Change: +1.2lbs
Overall Weight Change:-14.8lbs

Couch to 5K: Week 2, Day 1

I wish I could say I’ve been killing it and eating like a champ. But, have I ever lied to y’all? Nope. And I don’t intend to start now. 

Things haven’t been all bad and I’ve remained on track with my water challenge thus far. I have also successfully completed Week 1 of C25K and am moving on to Week 2. My problem lies on my plate.

I don’t eschew vegetables or fruits. Quite the opposite; I love ‘em! Unfortunately, I love bad stuff, too. In excess. I find myself making great choices throughout the day and then I’m derailed at the end of the day. Multiply that by 7 days a week and you get gain.

At this point, I don’t have a plan in place to keep myself on track. I’m open to suggestions from other folks in fitness journeys, though. I’m trying to stay motivated but it seems to be a vicious cycle where I make a bad choice, feel bad about myself, and then make another choice because I feel bad. Feel me?

How do you stay motivated? What is your nutritional kryptonite?