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Five Tips for (Relatively) Stress-Free Wedding Planning


I know I haven’t posted in forever but today is my six month halfiversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for half a year but this has been a great learning experience so far.

I can tell you that the weekend before our wedding was the most stressful one either of us have ever had. Between running last minute errands and signing for our first apartment, it was insane. But we made it through to tell the tale. Since I’ve successfully survived planning my own wedding, I want to share some tips to ensure your big day is relatively stress-free.


Ooh, You’re Engaged? I Have Shade to Throw!

Like most brides, I love chatting wedding stuff. So much, in fact, that I’m liable to talk your ear off! I do make an attempt to not bring it up unless someone else does, though. My question is why do people throw shade like it’s rice? I’m already scared witless so bitter divorceés, please spare me the diatribe about how horrible your marriage was and ends in, “But I wish you two all the best. Marriage is truly beautiful.” What inspires folks (especially divorced folks) to try to tell me how much being married sucked? Or how it scarred them watching their parents divorce so they stuck around in a loveless marriage for the kids? Do people think Jordan and I don’t know the statistics and are just forging blindly ahead? We know how difficult marriage can be so is there really a need to tell us horror stories before we make the biggest commitment of our lives?


Faithful Friday: An Open Letter to My Younger, Single Self


Dear Tai,

I’m penning this letter because I (we?) are getting married in six months! Remember extra-tall Jordan from high school? He gave us piggyback rides in summer school and we played spades a lot? Welp, we’ve gone from being good friends to being happily engaged. While this is good news in and of itself, it gets better: we’re both baptized and living for God! Considering how toxic your previous relationships were, it’s refreshing to be in one that is easy and drama free.


Engagement Shoot Recap

Sneak Peek Shot

With 300 days until our wedding, Jordan and I are working hard to get our affairs in order. During yesterday’s engagement shoot, we were able to get fancy and just have some fun. As I’m sure you know, an engagement shoot is a couple’s opportunity to become familiar with their wedding photographer, learn to relax on camera, and have images for their save the dates.

In preparation for the shoot, I got a protective style extensions, a style I’d never gotten before. I’m going to devote an entire post to my new hair but I can honestly say the look is starting to grow on me. I got my nails done to complement my ring and diva hair. I curled my hair with flexi rods to avoid inflicting heat damage to the extensions. I got my dress from Dorothy Perkins on super sale. I absolutely love the dresses on that site and am a frequent buyer of their affordable, figure-flattering dresses.


A Beautiful Night at Bathhouse Studios: NYC’s First [Not] Wedding

Field and Feather know all you need is love…

I’m convinced that God has blessed me with not only an amazing groom but also a fabulous bridal party! My MOH has taken her duties seriously since I asked her to fill the role. She is always looking out for deals, innovative ideas and interesting events. 

Enter The Not Wedding

By this point, you’re probably asking what the heck is The Not Wedding? Well, it’s “a bridal show alternative in the form a big, fake wedding.” It allows vendors to show their abilities in action as opposed a pricing sheet and portfolio. The best part about it is that even though it’s a “fake” wedding, the couple itself is real; they’re just renewing their wedding vows!

The Not Wedding has been happening for several years in other parts of the country but the 1st New York City Not Wedding was on May 22nd at Bathhouse Studios. Tickets were $40 each and included dinner, drinks and dancing. My MOH and I were taken aback by the steep price tag but we were able to score 4 free tickets! I took one of BM and my MOH took one of our mutual friends. 

The loveliest wedding guests!
All the vendors brought their A game! I’ve listed a few who I think are particularly note-worthy.

Isn’t she a lovely (not) bride? Her dress is from The White Gown Shop and her headpiece is from Hushed Commotion. I think the whole look was is elegant but it also reminded me I need to start shopping for wedding dresses soon *gulp*.

From the moment we entered The Not Wedding, we were offered hors d’oeuvres by Soulfully Good. They also provided a delicious dinner and dessert. I wish I could say what my favorite item was from the menu but suffice it to say everything had me getting seconds (…or thirds.)

Field and Feather Event Planning was amazing! They did the love welcome table, the bar, the cute little yay signs, and had gold glitter aplenty. I love their style! 

Speaking of the bar, Ferrari kept the champagne flowing all night. I’m sure that played a role in how happy everyone was, too.

These centerpieces by Dulce Dreams Events are perfect: they’re eye-catching, statement pieces and don’t block conversation from those chatting across the table.

Overall, I think the vendors did an amazing job. I can only imagine what each company would do for an actual wedding since they went all out for The Not Wedding. This (not) wedding served as another reminder that I need to keep my wedding planning fun. When you keep it happy and light, your guests have an even better time!


An Amazing Experience at a Bridal Extravaganza

Jordan and me acting a fool. Well, mostly me.

The Long Island Bridal Extravaganza was hosted by at the Huntington Hilton Hotel on April 8th. This event was absolutely amazing. There were all types of vendors from wedding planners to jewelers to limousine services. Since the space was so large, vendors had their own tables so guests could visit, pick up information, and inquire at every relevant company. I already have most of my vendors squared away but I wanted to see if there were any that I missed. 

While many of the vendors were doing giveaways, one of the most notable ones was sponsored by Vavoom Events. These lovely ladies are giving away Wedding Day Coordination Service to one lucky Facebook fan. As I mentioned previously, wedding planning is no joke! Having the help of a professional would be such a blessing so of course I’m entering. If you’re in the New York area, you should, too!

Two dessert vendors caught my eye (and tastebuds). The first is Afresh Approach, a company that specializes in homemade truffles. The owners were responsive to my questions and even let Jordan, my grandmother, MOH and I get a taste. They do delicious work!

Tell me Afresh Approach’s favors aren’t the cutest!

The second company is Baskets and Buffets and what I found most eye-catching was the candy buffet they had featured. I entered their giveaway but I will seek more information even if I don’t win. A candy buffet sounds like such a novel idea, I’m excited to learn more.

Cupcakes and candy. Where do I sign up?!
After visiting the tables, and Gown Lounge sponsored by Bridal Reflections, I headed to the Savoy Room for a live band and DJ showcase. Uppercut, the live band, did an awesome job! They did a mix of old school and pop songs and were really engaging. Parties Alive, the DJ company, was entertaining, funny, and engaging. I felt like I was in the club and could only imagine how a reception would be.

The best part of the night, though? I won an iPad Mini! Because I preregistered for the event, I was entered into a drawing for it. When Ron called my name, I leapt up with my hands in the air. I had no idea what I had won but I was just excited to get something. Once he announced what I had won, I burst into tears. The crowd erupted into “Awws” as I buried my face in Jordan’s shirt. What can I say? I’m an emotional creature!

Isn’t it beautiful? 

The wedding industry is big business so it behooves anyone trying to gain clientele to be as outgoing and welcoming as possible. A few weeks ago, I began musing about becoming a bridezilla because of my less than pleasant experience at another bridal event. It was refreshing how friendly everyone at the Bridal Extravaganza was. I was treated like a bride, not an outsider. Thanks to this experience, I’m once again relishing my role as a laid back bride and excited about planning.


Do I Need to Become a Bridezilla?

I’m such an easy going bride, y’all. Seriously. The boo probably feels I’m doing the most because I’m planning so far in advance but I could be waaaaay worse. I’m starting to realize that by not being an aggressive bride, people are going to try and play me. This was made abundantly clear during a trunk show I attended on Sunday. Now, in order to protect the (not so innocent), I’m not going to share any names. Just come along on this ride with me.

One of my bridesmaids and I trekked up to Alphabet City to attend an event showcasing wedding planners, makeup, hair styles, and bridal head gear. The space looked like a first apartment young Manhattanites drool over: trendy, cozy and beautifully decorated. It wasn’t actually an apartment but a hair and makeup studio. As we were shuttled from area to area, the vendors were all smiles. I was stoked. My BM and I arrived first and were greeted warmly by the vendors. They took our coats and handed us glasses of champagne. So far, so good. 

I spoke with the woman with the veils and headbands and, though her pieces were pretty, the prices were steep. I’m talking bejeweled headbands starting at $90 kinda steep. Even though I was gushing over the pieces, my BM kept me firmly rooted to reality. None of the pieces looked difficult to make, in fact, I’m wondering if I can make something myself.

We then chatted with the makeup artist and hair stylist who were offering free trials. Granted, my hair was already styled and at 3.5 months post, my mom is the only person who can tame these tresses. We watched as every other woman in the event was seated in a chair and either treated to a quick hair style or a makeup trial. I’m not sure if I’m the wrong color or I wasn’t forceful enough but why didn’t anyone even ask me? My BM had to ask the MUA if she would mind doing a quick look on me for the idea to even cross her mind. 

Additionally, every vendor asked, “How did you hear about this event?” and one went so far as to say, “So, are either of you getting married?” No. I often frequent bridal events and bring one of my BFF along just to liven up an otherwise dull Sunday afternoon. Of course, I didn’t say that. I chuckled in a self-deprecating way and explained (for the umpteenth time) that I am getting married next year. 


A Woman’s Survival Guide to Wedding Planning

What’s the deal? It’s a pleasure to be able to write a guest post on my fianceé’s blawg. Do you know who I am? I’m ya boy, Jae Wiggz aka Brownie aka Jordie-O. Exactly one year ago from the date of this post, I looked my then-girlfriend in the eyes while in the office of our church, and asked her to be my wife. When she said “yes”, I felt my entire dating life become validated. All of the mishaps, broken promises, trust issues, fruitless arguments, words left unsaid, jealousy, a-words, b-words, c-words, d-words, z-words, pillars of salt, neglect, chasing, stalking, cheating, drunk dialing, ninja texting, call dodging, angry voicemail leaving, that-was-a-mistake-but-YOLO-ing, and everything else that has ever happened in my adult dating life had to happen to me in order to be able to say this: I’m finally going to be someone’s husband! YES! That’s when I realized this: That means we have to have a wedding! NO!