About Me

For years, I was lost. I falsely believed that only a select few could have long, beautiful hair and that the rest of us were doomed to whatever length our hair could manage. While I never subscribed to the “good hair/good genes” school of thought, I did believe there was a hair hierarchy of which I was at the bottom. 

The media played into my attitude about hair, as well. Women of color are inundated with images of what society purports to be beautiful but those depictions rarely match what is reflected in our mirrors. I embrace the beauty of ALL hair types and celebrate the uniqueness of my own. The natural versus relaxed to debate is hackneyed and has no place in our community; do whatever makes you feel beautiful.

After several setbacks, I have adopted a hands-on approach to taking care of my hair and optimizing its health. I thank all of the hair gurus who went against the grain to show we do not have to adhere to the standards of beauty that have been forced upon us. I want to take part in the growing community of women who are showing the world how beautiful our coils, kinks, and curls are.

While Stranded started as a health care blog, it has developed into a place where I share my faith and fitness journeys as well as my wedding planning experience. I love discussing my life and how my experiences have shaped me thus far. Stranded has evolved from more than a healthy hair journey to a lovely lifestyle blog.