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Protective Styling Series: My First Crochet Wig


I’m 14 weeks post and I’ve been itching to install a protective style since Thanksgiving. So far, my favorite protective styles have been cornrows with Marley twists and crochet braids. Since moving to the Bronx from Queens, I no longer live near any salons I know or have my live-in stylist: my mom. There are probably plenty of places I could go for braids but I work best off of referrals, not blind luck.

Couple my difficulty finding a stylist with the somewhat prohibitive cost of protective styles and you’ll understand what’s taken me so long. I’ve been quoted $100-$140, plus hair! My low funds (and general laziness) have resulted in me getting Dominican doobies every 3 weeks and neglecting my hair in between. My hair is growing but is definitely suffering from my indifference.


Protective Styling Series: Havana Twists One Mo’ ‘Gain!

Havana 2

I’m nearly 7 weeks post and at the point where my new growth is starting to make its presence known. I’ve also been working out more and need an easy breezy style and something to save it from these arctic temps! My hair thrives in protective styles and I loved my Havana twist updo from the summer so this seemed a logical choice.

To prepare, I shampooed with Aussie Moist Shampoo. I then applied Roux Porosity Control, Silicon Mix, ORS Replenishing Conditioner and castor oil to my hair. I applied the DC like a relaxer since I won’t be able to fully access my hair for awhile. I sat with the DC for about 3 hours, rinsed out, put a t-shirt on it, and went to bed.


My Stretch is Over: Straight Up

I ended my longest relaxer stretch to date 2 weeks ago and I was just shy of a year. The good news? I’m finally below shoulder blade (BSB). The bad news? I have to trim like my life depends on it. In spite of the trims I have planned, I’ll still be AT LEAST bra strap length (BSL) by the end of the year. Claiming it!

I used my trusty Organic Root Stimulator Lye Olive Oil Relaxer in regular strength. I’ve been using ORS for about 10 years with no issues so I see no reason to deviate. I mixed 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil into the tub to buy my mom more time. From start to finish, it took about 25 minutes. Since I based myself the night before with Hot 6 and castor oil, I didn’t burn at all.


Protective Styling Series: Crochet Braids 2 Week Update

As I’ve progressed on my stretch, I have become a huge protective styling Stan and crochet braids are my absolute favorite look! They are inexpensive, create no stress on my hairline and allow easy access to my scalp. This means I can keep my scalp clean, moisturize and DC my hair, and still protect my ends.

When I was cruising, the back of my hair got wet in the ocean due to my extensive doggy-paddling swimming. I cowashed my hair when I got back to the room and, after it dried, the style bounced back without any issues.


Three Years on My HHJ and Still Haven’t Made Goal

I put my girl on to Hairlista and she hit her goal of waist length hair in about 2 years. Me? I’ve been on my HHJ for 3 years still hovering around arm-put length. What’s frustrating is that I know what I’m supposed to be doing but this never translates into the length retention I want. I  cut a lot of my progress and suffer setbacks on the regular.

This current setback that I’m fighting through has been the most discouraging. I felt as if I have not made any progress on my hair journey and was at a loss about what to do. My inner hater felt this was the perfect time to chime in with, “You’ve been in the hair game for a minute and still haven’t gotten this together? What do you have to show for your efforts apart from a closet full of products? Maybe it’s time to hang this whole thing up.” I was actually giving ol’ girl some credibility until I saw this comment on my Facebook timeline.


A Great Wash Day and Cantu Shea Butter Review

What’s better than a great wash day during a relaxer stretch? Rediscovering an amazing product, of course! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m working on rebuilding my hair regimen to complement my workout schedule. I didn’t do my Wednesday (Thursday or Friday) cowash so I knew something had to give before my hair punched me in the face.

I did a very quick cowash on Saturday (pretty much just ran the water through it and rubbed my scalp vigorously) so I’d be able to manipulate it.  Since I was getting baptized, doing an all-out wash didn’t make sense. The fact that I was running late didn’t help, either.


The Honeymoon is Over: Falling Back in Love with My Hair

When I decided to jump into fitness, I didn’t take into account that my hair reggie would need to change, too. While kicking my own butt, my hair care went by the wayside. I haven’t been washing and DC’ing faithfully and the moisturizing has been minimal.

Much like a neglected lover, my hair hasn’t acted right since. Even though my tresses and I aren’t on the best of terms I, like any grown woman, can admit when I’m wrong. Luckily, the solution is simple: change my reggie to fit my new lifestyle!


Quick 6 Month Length Comparison

As much as I hate getting them, I knew it was time for a trim. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those women who believe in holding on to that one long, scraggly, damaged strand of hair just to be able to claim length. I much prefer an blunt cut or even a lovely V-shape (which is the way my hair seems to grow naturally). It’s all about health of length on this side, patnah.

My issue is when I request a trim and up with a cut. It’s happened to me in the past so I’m always apprehensive about getting my hair’s hemline tended it. Since the over-processing debacle back in May, however, my length hasn’t quite been the same. I got a sizable trim in August (SL to APL) but my ends still didn’t feel in tip top condition. My mother isn’t all that keen on trimming my hair and, after I pressured asked her to relax it for me, I figured I’d look elsewhere to get things evened out.


Moisturizing the Boo’s Beard

My Shnuggly Boobookins (don’t judge me) was complaining about how coarse his beard felt and that he didn’t like how it looked. Usually, he rocks a baldie and a nicely trimmed facial hair but, being in between cuts, he has a little more hair than usual. As I moisturized and sealed my hair with SheaMoisture’s Restorative Conditioner Leave-In, a light bulb went off in my head. A beard is hair, too, so why wouldn’t it need to be moisturized?

SheaMoisture to the rescue! I asked him if I could use some leave-in on his beard and, after he gave me the obligatory “Woman, I’m not gay” side eye that all men seem to have perfected when it comes to anything even REMOTELY hair related, he acquiesced.  Apparently, I didn’t slather on enough because he took it upon himself to finish applying it to his facial hair and then head. His hair is now touchably soft and smells soo good


Newbie Files: Low Manipulation vs. Protective Styling

Since many women of color have highly textured hair, we have to be especially careful how we handle it. The curly nature of our tresses does not allow our scalp’s natural oil, sebum, to travel down the entire hair shaft and maintain moisture. Pair that with aggressive styling and too much heat and breakage is often the result.

To minimize breakage, one of the easiest things you can do is…nothing. That’s right! Adopting a “hands off” approach can be quite beneficial to our tresses. This doesn’t mean neglecting our hair and slacking on treatments but instead doing less to it in the way of styling. While low manipulation and protective styling involve using less styling tools, there are a few differences.