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Why I Plan to Fail in 2015

I recently had an epiphany that has irrevocably changed my life. I can’t believe I’m going to share it with you but I think you deserve to know: I’m human and I fail. A lot. People share their highlight reels on social media so we never see the hustle, struggle, and mishaps that go into making people successful and noteworthy.

There is a lot of pressure to always have perfectly coiffed hair, flawlessly applied makeup, and the wittiest of responses. While that makes for tons of likes, double taps, and retweets where does that leave the mere mortals among us? Are those of us who try and fail simply doomed for a life of disappointment?


Three Years on My HHJ and Still Haven’t Made Goal

I put my girl on to Hairlista and she hit her goal of waist length hair in about 2 years. Me? I’ve been on my HHJ for 3 years still hovering around arm-put length. What’s frustrating is that I know what I’m supposed to be doing but this never translates into the length retention I want. I  cut a lot of my progress and suffer setbacks on the regular.

This current setback that I’m fighting through has been the most discouraging. I felt as if I have not made any progress on my hair journey and was at a loss about what to do. My inner hater felt this was the perfect time to chime in with, “You’ve been in the hair game for a minute and still haven’t gotten this together? What do you have to show for your efforts apart from a closet full of products? Maybe it’s time to hang this whole thing up.” I was actually giving ol’ girl some credibility until I saw this comment on my Facebook timeline.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Walkin’ in a Weight Loss ONEderland

=&0=& 6/6=&1=&Day 10 of Round 4=&2=& Kept on track 4/7 Days=&3=& -1.2lbs=&4=& -16.8lbs=&5=& 80

Guess who just moseyed on into Onederland, y’all?! That’s right. The Healthy herself! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been on the wrong side of 200 and I have to say, it looks mighty fine.

I’ve been sticking with my Turbo Fire workouts and pushing as hard as possible. I don’t look as good as Chalene and her crew but I get by. I’ve started getting off the bus a little further from my stop to get a few extra steps in. Everything feels like it’s coming together fitness wise.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Hate on Me (Inner) Hata

Workouts: 3/4

21 Day Water Challenge: Day 20 of Round 3
Eating Habits: Kept on track 3/7 Days
This Week’s Weight Change: -1.2bs
Overall Weight Change: -12lbs
Days Until Cruise: 122

Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re staying cool and feelin’ fine. This was another pretty successful week on the workout front. I didn’t stick to the morning workouts Mon-Thu but I made up for it on Sunday. I went to a BBQ this weekend so my eating habits were a little worse than usual but I couldn’t let myself throw the baby out with the bath water. I’m learning that doing something is better than doing nothing. The scale seems to agree.

A good friend of mine eloquently stated, “Insecurities are Satan’s way of making you believe you were not made in the image of God.” His statement made me decide that this 4th of July, I am declaring my independence from my inner hater. My what? You know. That inner voice that tells you, “You’re too tired, sweat it out tomorrow” or “You had a burger for lunch, you think this lil workout is gonna do anything??” or, my personal favorite, “You can exercise all you want but you’ll never look as good as (fill in the blank here). Sure you don’t wanna just give up?” I usually go on ahead and (figuratively) give that voice the finger. I suggest you do the same. 

The 21 Day Water Challenge is nearly over so I think I’ll take a 2-3 week break and get back on it once this round ends. Can’t be too hydrated, it’s summer time after all! I haven’t gotten back to the gym or picked up my supplies for my cooking endeavors I mentioned last post but I definitely will.

How do you silence your inner hater? Do you have a strong group of supporters to help you keep things in perspective? How do you intend to assert your freedom on this Independence Day?