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Relaxer Day: Successful End to an Annoying Stretch

11.16.13 Relaxer Update Front

I ended my 29 week stretch on Saturday. This wasn’t my longest stretch but it was certainly the most irritating  because my hair was underprocessed in several sections. Due to this, my roller sets would revert in certain areas and just be the hottest of messes. Dealing with my hair this go around  also  makes me wonder I had to make such a drastic cut or if the rough hair I felt was simply what didn’t straighten during my last touch up. Oh, well.

I used my normal Organic Root Stimulator Lye Olive Oil Relaxer in regular strength. I’m not sure if it’s the biotin I’ve been taking or my diet and exercise regimen but I had a grip of new growth. We ended up using 1.5 tubs of the creme mixed with castor oil. From start to finish, the relaxer application took 40 minutes! Interestingly enough, I didn’t burn at all and probably could have sat a little longer because I’m still wavy baby at the roots.


My Shortest Stretch Over and a Relaxer Day FAIL!

This has been my shortest stretch so far: 16 weeks! My mom did a bang up job (as usual) but my results are less than stellar. This touch-up was definitely a wake up call for me.

We used our texlaxing method mixing a 1/4 cup of EVOO with 18.75 ounce tub of Organic Root Stimulator Lye Relaxer. My first mistake was not taking down my protective style and detangling BEFORE relaxer day. I tried to be gentle but my hair was tangled as a mug and my scalp made that clear when she applied the relaxer.  My second mistake was not basing throughout the days leading up to my relaxer. I’m usually able to last about 20-30 minutes with no tingles but we barely made that goals before I was burning. We washed it out with Isoplus neutralizing shampoo 3 times and let it sit for about 10 minutes to ensure everything was out.


Let Me Get This Straight: End of a 6.5 Month Stretch (Pics Included)

After my longest stretch to date (26 weeks and 6 days) I relaxed my hair using Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Lye regular strength relaxer on 12/16/11. Usually, I go to the salon to get it done but I’m tired of being dissatisfied with my hair being under-processed, under-conditioned, and being overcharged. 

Here’s how it all went down:

I mixed 2 tablespoons of EVOO into an 18.75 ounce container. My mother thoroughly based me with petroleum and I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and EVCO on the length of my hair. She parted my hair in 4 sections and was able to get through my head in about 15 minutes. We could have let it sit a little longer but my right side started to burn a little.