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Reworking My Hair Regimen to Reach Bra Strap Length

Staying consistent is one of my biggest challenges. One of the ways that manifests is my hair journey. I have been at this for over five years (!!!) and my hair has been as long as below shoulder blade and a short as neck length. I’m currently grazing arm pit length but I intend to hit bra strap length by the end of 2015. I don’t have many new year’s resolutions but I know this is a good time to restart my hair regimen.

- Clarify wash once a month
– Shampoo and deep condition using heat weekly (or bi-weekly)
– Light protein treatment every two weeks
– Air dry hair using t-shirt method unless wearing roller set or protective style
– 5000mcg of Biotin daily
– Moisturize and seal 3-4x times per week
– Exercise 3-4 times per week
– Drink 64 ounces of water daily
– Stretch relaxer at least 16 weeks
– Heat pass once a month


The Newbie Files: Products That Make Your Hair Grow


…don’t exist. Sorry. In today’s day and age, the power of the dollar is much stronger than it ever was in the past. This also means that marketing has gone beyond suggesting products are beneficial and have jumped straight to, “This product is a miracle and will do wonders for your hair!” *insert #cmonson face here.* The key to seeing improved length and health of hair is your regimen. This is not to say that some items won’t optimize your hair growth but that’s only if the rest of your regimen is supporting it! What’s the point of gaining all that length just to lose it due to unhealthy hair practices?


5 Products That Are Perfect if You’re Shipwrecked

Since I’m going on a cruise in a  few months, I’ve been thinking about what items I should pack. Skirts, sandals, and of course, sun screen. Then I thought about the hair products that I’d need if I were stuck on a desert island. Obviously, I’m not hoping to be shipwrecked and, if I’m in the middle of nowhere on some Cast Away status, the last thing I’d be concerned with is properly coiffed tresses but that’s neither here nor there. 

Here are my 5 products that would keep my hair in tip top shape, even on a peninsula:

Magic Star Jumbo Rake: This comb is all types of awesome. It’s the most expensive comb I’ve ever purchased but my mother, sister and I all use it. It’s seamless and reduces snags and tangles, even when I’m pretty far along in my relaxer stretch. This comb would definitely be helpful in detangling beach waves. 

Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo: I’m a big fan of Shea Moisture products in general but this shampoo is my absolute fave. Sulfate and paraben free and oh-so moisturizing. It leaves my hair clean without feeling stripped even with weekly use. Perfect to wash sand off of my scalp.

Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner: Y’all already know how I feel about this DC. It keeps my protein/moisture balance in check and leaves my hair feeling soft. Its lovely citrus scent will be clutch in a tropical island setting. Considering the beating my hair will suffer with salt water, this should help bring back my desired softness.

S-Curl: This has been in my rotation since the beginning of my hair journey. I use it when my hair is in a protective style and out. A little goes a long way and I’m confident it’ll keep my hair moisturized in the humid temps on the island.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: EVCO is the definition of versatility. It’s such a light oil and I use it to seal in my moisturizer, prepoo, and mix it with my DCs. EVCO also has an SPF of 4 so it’ll help protect my hair from the blazing hot sun. 

Are any of these products your staples? What could your hair not live without on a desert island? Have you ever been stranded without your favorite products on deck?