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Steel Wedges

  • Amerigo Genovese
  • September 23rd, 2018
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    To return to my first theme the scores are low and going lower and you have to drive it in play (not his strength) stake it (is his strength) make the 10-footers (not his strength). I’m digging Tiger’s whole 2018 vibe as player and man. But I don’t see him doing something amazing here.

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    From 209 out Tiger hammers it out to the fairway about 30-40 yards short of the green. He couldn’t reach the green from there. Tree in the way bad lie needed to draw it so this was about his only play. Needs to get up and down to save par.

    Meanwhile Gary Woodland chunks a shot into the water on 2. That was ugly. …but he rallies to stick an approach from the drop zone and will only make a bogey. Still Brooks Koepka looks like he’s about to be tied for the lead here.

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    At 3 Kisner for birdie…comes up about 2 revolutions short. He’ll stay -8. And charging up ahead is none other than Jordan Spieth who kicks in a birdie on 8 to move to -6. Things are happening at Bellerive.

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    Unfortunately a lot. It’s a huge bummer to lose that in-the-zone momentum and nearly impossible to reclaim it when you’ve been interrupted. Can he still have a great back nine on Saturday? Sure. But I think we’ll all wonder what could have been if he were able to continue what he started this afternoon.

    Gallery of Steel Wedges

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