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Splitting Steel Welding For Wedge Wedges Hardened Stainless Suppliers Wooden Wood Shims Bunnings Handles Hammer Shim

  • Amerigo Genovese
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Drivers
  • splitting steel welding for wedge wedges hardened stainless suppliers wooden wood shims bunnings handles hammer shim drivers

    Iron off the tee for Woods on 14. Fairway. Woods tw0-putts for par. Still 3 under. On to the par-4 14th. On the par-3 13th Woods flies it right over the stick on the green but about 25 past the cup. Birdie putt coming.

    Ouch. Woodland pulls a Tiger and three-putts for par at 17. Koepka cleans up his birdie to move back to -12. Koepka makes a poor stroke with his mid-range eagle putt. He’s got work left to do for birdie.

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    Splitting Steel Welding For Wedge Wedges Hardened Stainless Suppliers Wooden Wood Shims Bunnings Handles Hammer Shim

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    Splitting Steel Welding For Wedge Wedges Hardened Stainless Suppliers Wooden Wood Shims Bunnings Handles Hammer Shim

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    Splitting Steel Welding For Wedge Wedges Hardened Stainless Suppliers Wooden Wood Shims Bunnings Handles Hammer Shim

    Woods with an 8-iron from the fairway…and it’s safely on the center of the green. Maybe 20 feet for birdie. Meanwhile McIlroy is dragging along at -1 and flies the green with an iron. He’s looking a little dicey along that cutline which is still even par.

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